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Dawn shot by Saubhagya Bhagyaraj

DAWN BY Saubhagya Bhagyaraj

Shot by - Saubhagya Bhagyaraj

Styling - Anurupa Praharaj and Saubhagya Bhagyaraj

Creative direction, concept - Anurupa Praharaj

Saubhagya is a photographer, creative director spending her time in Mumbai and Kerala.
You can see her work on Instagram and Behance.

This is a two part shoot called Dawn and Dusk and it gives a fairytale Alice in Wonderland kind of vibe.

Two girls from the 70s dream of freedom and empowerment, ready to conquer the world in Gully Labs shoes.

Dream of running around in the fields, dream of being unstoppable, dream of conquering the world with a smile on the face, dream of embracing femininity to the fullest.