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What it takes to feature on Spotify’s billboard in Times Square!

Her recent single in collaboration with Raja Kumari - Out of Love - was featured on Times Square by Spotify. It was a huge moment in history, especially for women, who have not been represented in the Urban Punjabi Pop genre for a long time. Out of Love was composed by Raashi, and she wanted to find the intersection between Punjabi pop and English Hip-hop.


It takes a lot to come up via non-conventional channels in India, as a large part of the viewership is held predominantly by Bollywood-influenced channels. However, she walks the thin line between the two. She won the Punjabi Music Award in 2017 and the Mirchi music award for her song Hawa De Varke. But her success in Bollywood music is not the only card up her sleeve.

She released “Jeen Di Gal” in 2014, which crossed over 4 million views on Youtube, and has worked with several labels over the years. She even released songs under Raashi-music, while working for big names like T-Series, VIP Records, and Bull 18 Network.

Having been very keen on pursuing music as a career for a long time, she hustled for 10 years to get to where she is now. She commented on the post by Raja Kumari standing in front of their billboard - “@spotify Never could have imagined that a school teacher from Ludhiana could reach here!” It felt like a very boss moment.

She is not just a sensation, she is an icon for every woman trying to make it in a male-dominated field.