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" Upon being handed his grandfather’s guitar - he found a new world. "

“What’s your real name?”

Upon being handed his grandfather’s guitar - he found a new world.

Tsumyoki - a rapper from Goa, now signed into Gully Gang Entertainment, started his career in 2018 with a now-deleted song called Ultimate. From being an excited audience member watching the movie Gully Boy, he soon went on to view the movie as someone who had a stake in it and someone who personally knew the people who the movie portrays.

Having had a difficult childhood, he found respite in music. He calls his mother his greatest inspiration and her ability to overcome any complication her life throws at her is the root of his strong will and resilience. With just 8000 rupees in his initial budget - his mother added another 8000 to buy him the equipment he required to properly explore music.

His first “show” was with his friend DJ skeletron, one of his friends who helped him make his way through the music industry. After his performance he officially got his first show - he was asked to perform at Showbar, a club in goa. He later released “Go Hard” and “La Vida” along with DJ skeletron. You can check it out here 👇



His first EP “Way Too Messy” in collaboration with Kid Mange was released in 2021 after he got signed by Gully Gang Entertainment. Songs from this EP are made for the mosh pit and pull elements from the streets of goa and are lyrically littered with Indian slang. His album is available on youtube, apple music and Spotify for streaming for your daily music requirements!



He makes music across genres - his most visited genres being hip-hop and trap. He wants to try all forms of music and prefers to be called a musician instead of a rapper.


His goal is to reinvent the stereotypes people have about Goa. Goans are assumed to have a very party-centric lifestyle with very little else associated with their culture. Tsumyoki wants to bring the fashion the vigour and the diversity of his goan culture to the forefront through his music. He wants goans to have a role model to look up to in the hip-hop circle and hopes to build a path for them in the industry.

Being only 20 years old, pursuing his music career with his whole heart and soul, he makes a very compelling argument in support of art for arts’ sake, especially in a world that’s driven by the need for reasoning and logic. Here’s a small vlog he uploaded as a self-portrait 👇 enjoy!