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Maybe its finally time to eat the rich -

Formed in 2013, the quartet comprises Joshua (Vocals/guitar), Shashank (Bass), Abhishek (Guitar) and Harshan (Keyboard). Their journey with music has been nothing short of an adventure - with its side quests and plot twists.

Not just your average 4-member band formed in your college - their dedication to their music is truly something that can’t be manufactured within the 4 walls of an institution. From being thrown into jail for not having the right visas to having an event cancelled after landing in Vietnam, they still call the show they played in Vietnam one of their favourites.

But an artist's struggle is not a testament to their art - their music speaks for itself. Calling their genre of music “alternative” might not be enough to describe the soundscape they create using pop features, perky percussion and some beautiful bass fonts, it really adds dimension to their music.

Upon the onset of the pandemic, the four got together to write a couple of songs for their album - which like the pandemic played out a longer course into their album - Is it time to eat the rich yet?.


And thus they made their album by setting up all their equipment in Harshan’s living room with cats leaving their paw prints on everything they lay their eyes on.

If the above story sounded very coming-of-age movie-esque to you. Their story wasn’t as rosy as recording an album at home during a pandemic. Getting replaced by a DJ, bare minimum booking prices, having one member travel between Bangalore and Chennai on the weekends and always second-guessing their “non-traditional” approach to music.

They want people to feel something when listening to their music - positive or otherwise - anything but apathy. Their sole goal being able to connect with their audience. So much so that, they try to bet on which song will do the best, and more often than not it is the song that none of them has bet on.

Having released two full EPs (Triggerpunkte and Is it time to at the rich yet?) and several singles released in the meantime, their songs have been riddled with romance, celebratory synth and a subtle political edge.


To quote some of their lyrics -

Planet earth is a place for all the wrong feuds

Ooh, my sunny disposition with my social inhibition

Hey Mr Martian, think I'm ready for abduction

And more perspective-altering insights can be found in their discography.




Just for anyone who gets confused - this Shashank Manohar is not the cricket world's Shashank 😬