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What is music and what is art?


A visual, auditory and intellectual experience is how a fancy reporting organization would probably describe Roy’s art as. Although it is all of that, it is also just art - art derived from experiences songs sung with emotions felt and understood by him and of course the general unfiltered political commentary we all have but do not express.


Roy graduated from MSU, Baroda and decided to make more than just music. To quote him “I make visuals and music”, however, for any person viewing his work it is hard not to make more out of music and art. While some of his messages are subtle, most of them are pretty direct and really haze the boundaries on questions we refuse to ask ourselves.


He is a part of a band named RollsRoy - which is a pun that's very on brand for them. Their song “Poorna Swaraj” was released on SoundCloud approximately 2 years ago and got a not-so-tiny shout-out by US President Barack Obama himself when it was featured on his summer 2019 playlist.


After Poorna Swaraj, Roy went on to release 5 other songs on his own on SoundCloud and his debut album, Herock. He is also an artist at . He also has some “drafts” with big names like @kanyewest , J. Cole, @travisscott and many more - which you can check out on his website!


As an artist he had several exhibitions between 2011 and 2018 - which contained live music performances. The very elitist white art cubes contained very real performances of rap, an artform known for its realism absent class as a barrier.

Roy, we are super excited to see what you’ll do next and will constantly support your work!