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Art is but a story waiting to be interpreted by the viewer. 


One such story started in the city of Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu and wrote its way across the walls around India until it reached Goa.

This is the story of an artist and their journey across emotions and the world - A lot of soul searching is associated with travel and looking to the world and its wonders for answers, but a more important part of it lies in bringing what is inside out.

Art has been a medium of storytelling since any species learnt how to communicate, whether it was the Neanderthals making drawings in the Spanish caves or it was Raja Ravi Verma introducing western styles to Indian themes.

@OsheenSiva is a multidisciplinary artist who works using various mediums. Osheen is known for her surrealism and pulls inspiration from her heritage and her own self-identity.

Growing up in a conservative household, centred around religion, strong principles were enforced on them. As much as they struggled against the world they also took inspiration from it. Their past is not a burden but rather a token of their strength.

To them, their art is a mirror of themselves, where they depict their sense of being. Thus, their artwork has a strong colour palette and they use female silhouettes as the stencil for many of their artwork.



Distinct features of history and legacy are combined with modern styles to give birth to expressive and sentient art



Influenced by their Dalit heritage, a lot of their artwork has to deal with the divine and how divinity can transcend form while still being embodied in one.

And this struggle led them through various avenues of life, each adding its own twist to their work. In the spirit of this metaphor, they also started painting murals in several cities across India.(First image - Mural painted by them in Goa, Second - Chennai)




In 2022, they also featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 - Asia - The Arts list and have been commissioned by several big names including, @LEVIS, @gucci, @Converse and many more.

Listing their accomplishments of art does not do justice to its ethos.

Having studied fashion, and having worked as a graphic designer, Osheen decided to freelance illustration in 2019. They named their art style “Tamilfuturism” which is adjacent to the “Afrofuturism” of the west