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“An artist is successful when they’re true to themselves”

The pandemic gave rise to a variety of new sensations, including knitting, bread-making, and tufting but one sensation that wasn’t so tamed was Kayan. Ambika Nayak, who goes by Kayan, is a singer-songwriter, a DJ, and even an actor. She has really dabbled in several projects across the industry. Formerly a part of Kimochi Youkai and Nothing Anonymous, she launched her solo act Kayan with “Please”, during the pandemic.

But her origin story as a DJ is a little different when Sandunes offered to teach her the basics during her residency at Bonobo (a bar in Bandra), she got hooked on it. Even though she says she flunked it when she tried to open for Sandunes, she kept at it, renting out consoles so she could practice, until she could play her sets in front of live audiences.

A big part of her persona is reflected in her socials - which are very engaging, to say the least. She dabbles in modelling as well and does have an influencer vibe going on in her socials but she also makes it clear that her socials exist as a platform for her to interact with her fans. Clothing is also a prominent feature of her socials, she often does Kayan’s closet sale and is thinking about launching her own thrifting website.

She is also a proud mom of an orange cat named suki.


She also performed at the Bacardi NH7 weekender in Pune earlier this year which was her debut live performance. She vlogged her experience and you can watch it o Youtube.

And to debut with a bang - she had her first live performance at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune earlier this year. A small peak into the journey that this performance was for her can be seen in the vlog she uploaded on youtube.


Her latest India tour Kayan Live Tour along with nate08 and dhir mody is kicking off with more shows on 4th August in Delhi and later in Banglore and Delhi. You can book your tickets for the show in Delhi here.


It would be a shame to not mention her latest single with Oceantied “DFWN” (and if you're a denizen of the internet you know what the full form of that is) which talks about toxic relationships - which might give some of us some very deserved deja-vu.