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As many media outlets would say - he is one of the best bassists in India.


Having almost become a mechanical engineer, Harshit Misra (Hashbass) found his true calling on the stage. As a former self-proclaimed “nerd”, he started out on the piano in school, however, he switched to the bass in college. And as time would have it he swiftly switched over to becoming a bass player.

He played his first gig with a band, Cyanide, the day he decided to quit pursuing engineering in 2009. Having played several venues since, and having seen the growth of the Indian music industry, from Kingfisher’s pub rock fest to the NH7 Weekenders across India - he has lived the music revolution.

He released his most delicious (quite literally) album in 2022, where he featured several fruits.


However, not everything has been bright pink and easy for him. The struggle to become an established musician in India has been very real. He started off playing gigs one after another, which was great it in its own time but is not a sustainable way to keep afloat. He reached out to almost all big-name bassists in India, to learn from them and had no luck. Left with not many options, he went abroad to Musicians Institute, LA, where like any Indian nerd, he secured a scholarship.

Now, he is represented by Pagal Haina, however, it wasn’t always the case, and we all know how tiring it is to keep up with several things at once.

His musical endeavour is more than just inciting emotions in people. He wrote For Anita, as a tribute to his mother, for Anita was written in collaboration with Warren Mendoza (from blackstratblues) and Nikhil Mawkin. The vocals were done by Shubha Mudgal, whom he considers a guru.

The song was released under the Anita Misra Memorial Trust, on the one-year anniversary of his mother’s death. His mother had been ill for about 5 years, through which he was always with her. He worked hard to get several people to collaborate on this track. He cherished his mother.



Maybe you find his story inspiring, maybe you find it heartwarming, either way, his story is that of a musician. Hard work, struggle, grind are words we associate casually with their profession but often forget the reality of these words that they face. With respect and admiration from us - shout out to Harshit Misra.